What Are The Benefits Of Orphans

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What Are The Benefits Of Orphans
What Are The Benefits Of Orphans

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Children left without parents by the will of fate are extremely vulnerable to the world around them. it is difficult to imagine the strength of their experiences and it is sad to realize the difficulties that await them in life. The state seeks to support this category of children and provides for a number of measures designed to make their life easier.



Step 1

Orphans have the right to receive a free voucher to children's health camps, sports and tourist camps, or to spa treatment (if medically indicated). Travel to the place of rest and back is additionally paid.

Step 2

Orphans have the right to receive free meals in educational institutions. These institutions must be state-owned.

Step 3

Orphans have the right to preferential admission to higher educational institutions and educational institutions of secondary vocational education. At the same time, children are fully supported by the state and have the opportunity to receive social benefits throughout the entire period of study.

Step 4

Orphans have the right to receive a labor or social pension. If the deceased parents had work experience, the children can receive a labor pension. It is calculated from two components: work experience and insurance part. If the deceased parents did not have the insurance part, the children receive social benefits in connection with the loss of the breadwinner. This payment is assigned at the branch of the pension fund.

Step 5

Orphans in social institutions are eligible for cash benefits upon release from this institution. And also they should be provided with clothes and shoes.

Step 6

Orphans studying in educational institutions have the right to receive an annual cash allowance for the purchase of educational literature and clothing. This payment corresponds in size to a three-month stipend.

Step 7

Orphans have the right to concessionary travel on intracity and intraregional transport. They also have the opportunity to purchase a free ticket to travel to their place of residence and back to their place of study once a year.

Step 8

For orphans who, for medical reasons, have taken an academic leave, the scholarship remains and is paid until they leave the academic leave.

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