How To Coordinate Documents

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How To Coordinate Documents
How To Coordinate Documents

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In the process of working and preparing documents, an important role is assigned to their approval, which can be internal, where documents are endorsed by departments of the organization itself or external, associated with the approval of documents by other institutions. A legally correctly agreed document gives the right to take actions provided for by laws, norms and rules. Documents that have passed the approval procedure are sealed or stamped.

How to coordinate documents
How to coordinate documents


Step 1

Working as an employee of an organization, whose duties include internal and external approval of documents, it is necessary to have clear information about which departments of the company are responsible for their approval.

Step 2

Make a list of documents that will need to be approved during the entire period of work. Be clear about the departments responsible for their endorsement. Make a table that will indicate the types of documents subject to mandatory approval, departments responsible for carrying out this work, positions, surnames, names, patronymics of employees, their phones and e-mail addresses.

Step 3

Decide on the document that needs to be approved. Make a plan by specifying the order in which you contact the departments in your organization. Find out the deadlines for the execution of the work by talking with each employee of all departments of the company responsible for endorsing the document.

Step 4

Pay close attention to the terms of approval of the document, quickly respond to any changes made to it by an employee of the department. If you have any doubts about the edits made to the document, be sure to consult with the specialists of the organization, clarifying all the nuances. This will help in the future to reduce the approval time and will allow you to legally draw up the document.

Step 5

In each department of the organization, after passing the approval procedure, a visa is put on the document. It can be a department stamp or a “Approved” stamp with an indication of the employee's position, name and signature. Make sure that each employee responsible for approving the document signs it correctly. Otherwise, it will not be signed by the head of the organization.

Step 6

The last link to endorse the document is the head of the enterprise. The document is considered to be legally agreed only if signed by the management, employees of all departments, the seal or stamp of the enterprise.

Step 7

When external coordination of documents requiring their approval by various institutions, check out the list of organizations to which you have to apply. Find out detailed information about the departments, their employees involved in coordination. Call them or send an e-mail, specifying the required list of documents. Agree on a meeting time.

Step 8

Prepare a list of issues related to the time of approval and the procedure for making changes for the employee of the institution involved in external approval of documents. Make an official statement in the prescribed form, indicating a list of documents to be agreed. Control the timing of the approval of documents and the correctness of their execution.

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