What Documents Need To Be Changed After The Wedding

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What Documents Need To Be Changed After The Wedding
What Documents Need To Be Changed After The Wedding

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After the solemn day of the wedding and, accordingly, the change of surname, the troublesome time of changing the documents comes. If you still decide to leave your last name, then you will still be able to avoid the vain running in different instances.

What documents need to be changed after the wedding
What documents need to be changed after the wedding

It is necessary

Updated passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, foreign passport, medical policy, TIN, driver's license, pension certificate, work book, bank card, required applications, photos 3, 5 * 4, 5, receipts for payment of state duty, marriage certificate


Step 1

First of all, you should change your Russian passport. Moreover, you must do this within a month after registering with the registry office, otherwise you will be fined. Passport replacement takes place at the passport office. You have to fill out a special application, provide a marriage certificate, 4 photographs of 3, 5 by 4, 5 format, an old passport. You will also have to pay a state fee of 200 rubles.

Step 2

Replacement of a foreign passport is not limited by the time frame. But if you are planning a trip abroad, then it is worth taking care of this in advance. You can change your passport in the same place where you received it. You need to prepare an application for replacement, be sure in two copies. If you are employed, you need to certify the application. Do not forget to take with you the original work book, pension certificate. In addition, you should provide a new Russian passport with the necessary photocopies (marriage registration, registration, passport change), a certificate of citizenship, a receipt for payment of the state duty, which is 1000 rubles, 4 color photographs 3, 5 for 4, 5 and an old passport.

Step 3

There is no need to delay with changing the medical policy, you can change it where you received it - at the insurance company or in the clinic to which you are attached, as well as through the employer. For the procedure for replacing the policy, you just need to have an updated passport and an old medical policy on hand.

Step 4

The pension certificate is produced by the personnel department at the place of work. Otherwise, it is worth contacting the Pension Fund, having in hand an application for a change of document, an old pension and a new passport.

Step 5

A driver's license can be changed at the MREO at the place of residence or at the traffic police. You must have the following documents with you: a new passport of the Russian Federation, a marriage certificate (original and a photocopy), a medical certificate of fitness for driving, a driver card, a receipt for payment of a state duty, old license.

Step 6

The change of TIN after marriage takes place at the tax office. An old TIN certificate, a statement, a copy of a marriage certificate should be provided.

Step 7

Bank cards along with accounts are also subject to change. To change the account, you need to inform the bank branch of the change of surname, providing as proof a new passport and marriage certificate. When changing your bank card, be prepared to prepare the following documents: an application, a copy of a new passport, a copy of a marriage certificate, an old card.

Step 8

You can change the work book in the personnel department of the organization in which you work. Bring to this unit documents confirming your new status - marriage certificate and passport.

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