What Documents Are Considered An Identity Card

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What Documents Are Considered An Identity Card
What Documents Are Considered An Identity Card

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Throughout his life, a person receives many documents of various types and meanings, but only a few of them can serve as identity documents. The majority, however, do not have sufficient legal significance in order to identify the identity of a citizen.


The main document proving the identity of a citizen in our country is, of course, the passport of the Russian Federation. But this does not mean at all that other certificates, tickets or so-called mandates cannot be such. There are a number of requirements determined by legislation that must be met by a document provided by a person to establish his identity.

What documents can replace a passport

In some situations, due to various circumstances, a person simply cannot present a passport, for example, a document is being exchanged at the end of its validity period, due to its theft or loss. In such cases, it can be replaced by other documents that meet certain legal requirements. Every citizen is obliged to know what documents are considered to be an identity card, in addition to a passport. The main rule is that in certificates or certificates with such legal force, a photograph of a person must be pasted in.

When establishing an identity, military cards and military certificates can replace the passport, and for employees on sea vessels - the so-called seaman's passport.

The identity of children under the age of 14 is certified by a birth certificate. This is one of the exceptions when a document is used without a photograph of the owner.

In case of loss, theft or replacement of a passport by the internal affairs bodies, the citizen is issued a temporary certificate, which has the same legal force and replaces the main document until it is restored and received.

For persons released from places of detention, a passport of release, which has a limited period of validity and is subject to exchange for a passport according to the registration of a citizen, serves as a replacement for a passport.

Refugees from other states receive an appropriate certificate, which confirms their status and gives the right to use public services and move around the country, but only for the duration of the document.

In addition, they are equated to passports and certificates of employees of state structures, prosecutors, deputy mandates, but their opportunities are limited by legislation and their validity period is much shorter. But documents indicating belonging to a particular social group, such as student or pension cards, cannot confirm the identity of a citizen. A driver's license also does not have sufficient legal force, since it only indicates that a person can drive a vehicle and nothing more.

In what cases the passport cannot be replaced with another document

Documents replacing a passport when establishing the identity of a citizen do not have sufficient legal significance in other cases. For example, when receiving cash at the bank's cash desk or identifying a citizen during the execution of a loan agreement, certificates and certificates have no effect and cannot be accepted instead of a passport. It is impossible to obtain various benefits in social security agencies and pension funds without presenting a passport of a citizen of the country. Registration of ownership of a property or vehicle is also impossible without it.

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