At What Point Is The Contract Considered Terminated

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At What Point Is The Contract Considered Terminated
At What Point Is The Contract Considered Terminated

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The contract is considered terminated from the moment that its parties determine in the contract itself, in the agreement on termination of the contract. In case of termination of the contract by a court decision, the date of termination of obligations is the date of entry into force of the judicial act.

At what point the contract is considered terminated
At what point the contract is considered terminated


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The agreement should be considered terminated from the date that the parties themselves indicate in the agreement on its termination. By agreement of the parties, the contract is allowed to be terminated at any time, the basis for termination of relations in this case is not decisive. The reason for the presentation of any of the counterparties with a proposal to terminate the contract is often a significant violation of its terms, a serious change in the circumstances under which it was concluded, and other factors.

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If there is a condition in the agreement on the possibility of unilateral refusal to fulfill obligations by one of the counterparties, the agreement is considered terminated at the time specified by this condition. Usually this moment is associated with the sending of a notification by one party to the agreement to the other party. The specified notification informs about the intention to refuse to fulfill obligations under the agreement unilaterally in accordance with a certain condition of this agreement.

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When the contract is terminated in court, the moment of termination of obligations is considered the entry into force of the judicial act that terminated the contract. Court decisions come into force after one month from the date of their adoption in full, if any party has not filed an appeal. If the said complaint is still filed, then the date of the decision by the appellate instance is considered the moment of entry into force of the judicial act (if this instance upheld the decision to terminate the contract).

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The presence of additional obligations imposed on the parties to the contract upon termination usually does not affect the moment of such termination. So, in case of a unilateral refusal from the contract, the counterparty that has come up with such an initiative is often obliged to compensate the other party for the losses caused by this refusal. In case of untimely fulfillment of this obligation, the contract will still be considered terminated, however, its other party will have the right to judicially demand from the obliged person the payment of funds or the provision of certain property.

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The termination agreement between the parties can be implemented through the exchange of documents. In this case, the contract is terminated from the moment specified in the proposal of the counterparty who has taken the initiative to terminate the relationship. A prerequisite for this is to receive a response letter from the other party to the contract with a clearly expressed consent to its termination within the proposed period.

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