How To Get The Status Of A Low-income Family

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How To Get The Status Of A Low-income Family
How To Get The Status Of A Low-income Family

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The status of a low-income family gives the right to a certain list of benefits and subsidies. Help with the purchase of housing, a preferential queue for kindergartens, free trips to camps and just one-time cash benefits - the full list depends on the region of residence. There is only one condition for receiving all these benefits - the income for each family member must be below the minimum established in a particular region.

How to get the status of a low-income family
How to get the status of a low-income family

It is necessary

  • - passports of adult family members;
  • - Marriage certificate;
  • - birth certificates of children;
  • - certificate of income, drawn up according to the form;
  • - certificate of family composition;
  • - savings book.


Step 1

First, calculate your verified income, as well as your spouse's income, and divide by the number of family members. If the resulting figure is below the minimum established in your region, your family is fully eligible for low-income status. Please note that in the family, both parents must work or be registered with the Employment Center. The exception is women on parental leave. If one of the parents does not work without good reason, the family cannot qualify for low-income status.

Step 2

Contact your district department of social protection of the population. Here you can also get a list of required documents. Take the form of income statement for the last three months to fill it out in the accounting department of your company. Please note that the certificate must be drawn up strictly in the form; in case of its discrepancy, the documents will not be accepted.

Step 3

If you are registered at the Employment Center, get the corresponding certificate there. It is necessary to attach a work book to it. At the Unified Registration Center, ask for passports and certificates of marriage and birth of children. Do not forget to draw up a savings book at the bank - the allowance will be credited to it.

Step 4

With a complete package of documents, go to the Social Security Administration. Prepare the statement according to the template available on the information boards of the management. Attach certificates of income, originals and copies of passports, certificates of marriage and birth of children, a certificate of family composition and a savings book to the application.

Step 5

Specify which office you should contact. After submitting the documents, ask what kind of certificates, when and where you can get. Please note that different certificates can be issued in different offices. Do not hesitate to immediately clarify all incomprehensible points, so that there is no need to come back on the same question several times.

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