How To Get The Status Of A Poor Family

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How To Get The Status Of A Poor Family
How To Get The Status Of A Poor Family

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A poor or low-income family is a family in which the income for each member is below the official subsistence level. This figure is determined for each region and changes annually, adjusted for price increases and other important indicators. Obtaining the status of a poor family makes it possible to receive benefits, subsidies and benefits. However, in order to acquire it, it will take time and perseverance in achieving the goal.

How to get the status of a poor family
How to get the status of a poor family

It is necessary

  • - passports;
  • - Marriage certificate;
  • - birth certificates of children;
  • - income statement;
  • - certificate of family composition;
  • - copies of all documents;
  • - passbook or bank card.


Step 1

Calculate the income of all adult family members. Only official sources are taken into account - salary, pension, rental income. Add these numbers and divide by the number of family members. Family members mean spouses, minor children, as well as children under 23 years of age studying in educational institutions at full-time departments.

Step 2

Check the cost of living for your region. If the figure obtained in your calculations turned out to be less, collect the necessary documents.

Step 3

Get a certificate from the accounting department of your company about the average salary for the last three months. If there are children in the family - students of correspondence departments of educational institutions under 23 years old, request a corresponding certificate from the university. Take copies of passports of adult family members, marriage certificates and birth certificates of children. Ask the passport office of the housing office for a certificate of the composition of the family.

Step 4

With a full package of documents, please contact the Department of Social Services of the population at the place of residence. Write a statement using the pattern that can be found on the interior department stands. Attach to it copies of passports and certificates of marriage and birth of children, as well as received certificates of income.

Step 5

An employee of the department will check the completeness of your documents. If any of them is missing or incorrectly formatted, you will be asked to correct it and come to the appointment again. If the documents are in order, the employee will explain when you will receive the status of a low-income family and what benefits you can count on. Check where and when you can get the certificates you need to apply for subsidies. Check the list right there - each region has its own benefits. Do not forget to apply for a passbook or bank card for calculating benefits and lump sum payments.

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