How To Issue A Sanitary Book

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How To Issue A Sanitary Book
How To Issue A Sanitary Book
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Employees of public utilities, trade, education, medicine, transport must have a personal medical book. This document contains the conclusions of doctors, the results of a medical examination, analyzes, information about the vaccinations given. A sanitary medical book is a guarantee of compliance with hygienic standards in production and in trade.

How to issue a sanitary book
How to issue a sanitary book


Step 1

If you are applying for a job for the first time, you need to issue a medical book. Personal sanitary medical record is an official document of strict accountability. Its forgery carries criminal responsibility. This is stated in article 327 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Books are issued by the centers of epidemiology and hygiene.

Step 2

Take a referral from the organization to get a medical book and undergo a medical examination.

Step 3

Pay for the medical examination and present the receipt of payment to the registry of the medical institution, take photos of 3x4 cm.

Step 4

When undergoing a medical examination, please have your passport and medical certificate with you.

Step 5

At the registry of the medical institution, you will be given a coupon and an examination sheet, where the specialists you need to undergo are indicated, and the numbers of the rooms are also indicated. If you suffer from chronic diseases and are registered with narrow specialists, take your outpatient card and the latest test results with you.

Step 6

When you go through the entire examination and pass the necessary tests, certify the examination sheet with the signature of the head physician and the seal of the medical institution, after which you will be given a conclusion about fitness for work in your medical book. The medical record is kept in the organization where you will work.

Step 7

The purpose of these examinations is to check whether workers in these categories are suitable for the work assigned to them, health protection, and prevention of diseases.

Step 8

Medical examinations are beneficial for the employee himself. When passing the examination, he can find out whether this work is suitable for him, whether it is not difficult for him. It is beneficial to the employer, since he is interested in the health of his employees allowing them to maintain and even increase the production rate.

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