How To Sue A Child From A Mother

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How To Sue A Child From A Mother
How To Sue A Child From A Mother

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The issues of motherhood and childhood in our country are becoming more acute every year. Modern parents have changed, and not all for the better. And now no one is surprised by the fact that a child can be sued from his own mother.

How to sue a child from a mother
How to sue a child from a mother

It is necessary

  • In order to sue the child from the mother, you will need:
  • - evidence that the mother is not fulfilling her duties;
  • - witnesses;
  • - documents confirming the material well-being of the father.


Step 1

Only a court can take the child away from the mother and hand him over to the father for upbringing. To achieve this, it is necessary to provide for the consideration of the case convincing evidence that the mother does not fulfill her obligations towards the child. This happens if the woman in whose care is the minor baby is an alcoholic or drug addict. All these charges must be confirmed in the form of certificates from hospitals, dispensaries or from a district commissioner. Also, the father can demand through the court the right to take the child for himself if the mother does not properly take care of the child. In cases where a woman leaves her baby for several days at home alone or transfers him to the temporary care of neighbors, and she herself disappears into an unknown place, then this will be the basis to take the baby away from such a mother. The only thing to remember: evidence alone is not enough, you need to take more witnesses with you to the trial, who will confirm such information right in the courtroom.

Step 2

In cases where the mother takes care of the child with dignity, cares for him, spends time, plays and develops, it is also possible that the child's father may take the baby away from her by a court decision. This happens due to the fact that a man, as a rule, has a higher income than a mother who is left alone with a child. And if the father of the baby proves in court that he has a higher source of income, has his own living space (and the mother of the child does not have such) and, in general, he has better living conditions for the children, then there is a possibility that the court will decide in his favor. And he will establish the father's living space as the place of residence of the minor child. In this case, additional witnesses are also required at the court session.

Step 3

But it should be remembered that in any case, besides when the mother is deprived of parental rights, the child under 3 years old will live only with the mother. If the child is over 10 years old, then at the court hearing his opinion will be taken into account, with whom he wants to stay - with his mother or with his father.

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