How To Fire A Director At An Ooo

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How To Fire A Director At An Ooo
How To Fire A Director At An Ooo

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You have decided to fire the CEO of your LLC. The reasons may vary. Conventionally, they can be divided into objective ones, independent of the person who performs the functions of the director; and subjective, which characterize a person as a bad employee.

How to fire a director at an ooo
How to fire a director at an ooo


Step 1

First of all, you should hold a meeting of founders, where a decision is made to change the management of the company. A protocol is drawn up, where all founders are signed.

Step 2

The next step should be to discuss this issue with the director himself. There can be three reasons for dismissal: 1. objective circumstances not related to the director's work (change of founders, change of activity, etc.);

2. unfair work of the head (absenteeism, incompetence, etc.);

3. force majeure. If the dismissal occurs for objective reasons, then it is necessary to talk with the person and come to a consensus about the need for such a step. You can be dismissed under Article 279 of the Labor Code (dismissal not related to the employee's labor activity) or Article 77 (mutual consent of the parties). In this case, compensation is awarded to the former employee. But the former manager can also be dismissed under Article 81 as inappropriate for the position. In this case, no compensation will be awarded. The director must sign all documents prepared for the notary, where his signature is required. Take an extract from the company register from the tax office.

Step 3

It is necessary to come to a notary to certify all documents on the change of company management. As a rule, the new CEO or the person temporarily performing his functions is already working with the documents. After all documents have been certified by a notary, it is necessary to make the necessary clarifications about the company's management to all interested bodies: the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate, the pension fund, the bank where your current account is located.

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