How To Post Free Vacancies On Job Search Sites

How To Post Free Vacancies On Job Search Sites
How To Post Free Vacancies On Job Search Sites

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You need to find an employee quickly, but the management does not allocate a budget for paid vacancies and requires to find employees in a short time? You can post vacancies at once on a large number of sites for free.

Job Aggregators
Job Aggregators

There are a large number of job search portals in Russia. On the largest sites, only paid posting of vacancies is provided. The average cost of placement is from 400 rubles. for one vacancy per calendar month. Some sites provide a free one-time posting of one vacancy. Suppose you need to find five employees, the minimum budget for posting vacancies on one site is 2000 rubles. For effective search of job seekers, it must be posted on at least five sites. The budget will be already 10,000 rubles. And if there are twenty vacancies?

Job aggregators have become very popular over the past two years. Aggregators are sites that broadcast (collect) vacancies from other job search sites. Jobseekers do not need to register on dozens of sites, they can see offers from employers on one site. Not all job aggregators allow an employer to post a job directly. In order for your vacancy to be included in the vacancy aggregator, it must be posted on job search sites.

There are more than 50 large aggregators of vacancies in Russia. The most famous of them are: Yandex Jobs; Trud com; Job and search; Hotwork; Jobcareer. Attendance of only one aggregator Yandex Jobs 2.5 million people a day.

The list of recruiting sites from where vacancies are collected is usually published by job aggregators. The lists contain sites with paid and free posting of vacancies.

A short list of sites with free job posting, which are broadcast by aggregators for February 2018: Jobmens - 36 job aggregators broadcast; laborex; po-rabote; job-mo and others.

A complete list of all sites can be found through the search queries "jobs are broadcast".

When you post your vacancy on one job search site, which is broadcast in job aggregators, you are posted for free on aggregator sites with high traffic.

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