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How To Make Charts Correctly In
How To Make Charts Correctly In

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An obligatory element of activity in any enterprise is the drawing up of various schedules, which reflect the responsibilities of employees, their wages, working hours and other calculations. As an example, you can consider filling out one of the main documents - the working time schedule.

How to draw up charts correctly in 2017
How to draw up charts correctly in 2017


Step 1

Study the Labor Code of the Russian Federation to draw up a schedule in accordance with the law. Review all working hours requirements and make sure your document is free of any inconsistencies.

Step 2

Familiarize yourself with the functional responsibilities of each employee. To draw up an optimal schedule, you need to register them in job descriptions, taking into account the full volume of work performed. In this case, the work schedule may vary depending on a particular season.

Step 3

Consider each employee's weekly working hours. Their distribution will depend on the work schedule of specialists, the availability and occupation of appropriate premises, etc. In accordance with job responsibilities, the number of working hours of different employees may vary daily, but in aggregate per week should not exceed the number reflected in the job description.

Step 4

Schedule general weekly and daily activities such as morning planning sessions, tips, meetings, etc. As a result, the working day of an employee may start at different times. Be sure to take into account the lunch break, as well as possible five- or fifteen-minute pauses in the work of those employees who are busy working at the computer or performing heavy physical labor.

Step 5

Certify the work schedule of each employee with the signature of the head of the organization. On the basis of each document, an order is subsequently issued indicating the operating mode for a calendar or academic year. In the future, the approved working hours are controlled by an employee of the personnel department and the head of the institution. For deviation from it, company employees may be held administratively liable.

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