How To Issue A Personal File For An Employee

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How To Issue A Personal File For An Employee
How To Issue A Personal File For An Employee

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An employee's personal file is information that reflects all stages of the relationship between the employee and the organization. It is formed (maintained and formalized) by a personnel body or a specially authorized official. It is necessary to draw up a personal file in accordance with the current rules of record keeping.

How to issue a personal file for an employee
How to issue a personal file for an employee


  • Folder "Personal file";
  • Employee's documents (or their copies);
  • Pen;
  • Hole puncher.


Step 1

A personal file is started after the publication of an order on the appointment of an employee to a position.

Step 2

The personal file includes: an internal inventory of documents; questionnaire and personal sheet on personnel records; summary;

copies of educational documents (and all qualification certificates); identity cards; certificates and other documents confirming changes in the employee's personal data (copies of marriage certificate, TIN, insurance certificate, birth certificates of children); liability agreement; copies of all orders for appointment, transfer, incentives, business trips, vacations, etc.; labor agreement (contract); data of recertification; characteristics.

All these documents (or their copies) must be filed in one folder.

Step 3

In the internal inventory, it is necessary to list all documents that are filed in a personal file. Documents are filed in chronological order as they become available. In the "Note" column of the internal inventory, it is indicated that documents are withdrawn or the originals are replaced with copies. The internal inventory is signed by the employee who compiled it, indicating the surname, name, patronymic and date of compilation.

Step 4

Entries that are entered into a personal file are written with a fountain pen or ballpoint pen in black, blue or purple, corrections are not allowed.

Step 5

Sheets of the employee's personal file and his internal inventory are numbered separately.

Step 6

When closing a personal file, you need to file a statement and order to dismiss the employee.

Step 7

They keep personal files in the safe of an organization or enterprise. They are issued for personal use only for a certain category of employees who have access to personnel information.

Step 8

The personal files of dismissed employees are transferred to archival storage for 75 years. The personal files of the company's managers are kept permanently.

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