How To Behave In A Manager Interview

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How To Behave In A Manager Interview
How To Behave In A Manager Interview

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Before you go to an interview for a manager vacancy, inquire about a potential employer, think about what questions they might ask you and what you can answer them, and mentally tune in for success.

How to behave in a manager interview
How to behave in a manager interview


Step 1

Read in the text of the vacancy what the requirements are for a job seeker, since a manager can be called a human resources specialist, a sales floor employee, and a key person in servicing VIP clients. Analyze what character traits an employee of this company should have, at least try to imagine yourself in the place of the one who will conduct the interview.

Step 2

Choose clothes that are comfortable. If you are going for an interview with a financial or trade organization and your future place of work will be an office, give preference to a business suit. If you are being interviewed for the position of “manager of a forwarding company”, perhaps your future work will be associated with visiting warehouses, accepting loading and unloading operations. In this case, you can choose casual clothes. A job seeker in the field of management related to the service of individuals must pay attention to their nails, hair, teeth, since in the process of communication people pay attention to the little things.

Step 3

Try to keep yourself open and natural. A potential employer should not hear falsehood in your words. If you cannot answer a question, feel free to admit it, try to impress the interviewer with your experience in related fields.

Step 4

Prepare all the documents that the interlocutor may need in order for him to have a complete impression of you. If you have participated in any seminars, have completed additional training, be sure to take your diplomas and certificates with you. Such advanced training is especially valuable if it was paid for by a previous employer, this fact indicates that you are appreciated and "invested" in your person. Do not forget your CV and diploma.

Step 5

Show your business skills. It is possible that you will be asked to imagine a hypothetical situation and tell you what decisions you will make. Do not try to show such qualities as modesty, philanthropy, or adherence to principles. By themselves, they are good, but you should remember that you are interviewing for the vacancy "manager", which means "manager" in English. It is the business acumen, the ability to make decisions and be responsible for them that are required of you.

Step 6

Be active and positive. The first trait is essential for anyone who has to deal with sales, personnel management, or contract management at work. The second trait will allow you to win over people, interviewers will appreciate this if you have to work with individuals.

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