How To Characterize Your Work

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How To Characterize Your Work
How To Characterize Your Work

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To describe what exactly you do at work, it is not enough to say a few words about the field of activity and the latest achievements. It is necessary to clarify what your responsibilities are and how they are integrated into the overall business of the company. How do you present yourself in the most favorable light?

How to characterize your work
How to characterize your work


Step 1

In order to independently give yourself a professional description, first, define clear criteria by which you will first describe the specifics of your work, and then evaluate its effectiveness.

Step 2

Write down the main criteria that will be useful to you for the general characterization of the company. Among them, it is worth mentioning the branch of activity, the company's position in the market, the overall efficiency of its work, and the main competitive advantages.

Step 3

Next, go on to describe your immediate responsibilities. Mention your education and previous work experience, then describe in detail your current functions. If you regularly take on additional responsibilities and help colleagues, be sure to mention this.

Step 4

Emphasize the high efficiency of your work, its necessity. To do this, you can draw up a graph (table), with the help of which you will clearly demonstrate how the indicators have improved in a specific area of ​​the company's work with your arrival.

Step 5

Feedback from colleagues can be used as an additional characteristic. Ask them how they see the result of your labors from the outside. Constructive criticism will not be superfluous, prepare to take note of it.

Step 6

When characterizing your activities, try not to go to extremes. The temptation to over-praise yourself is great, do not give in to it. Mark those areas of work where you think you are experiencing some difficulties, but are successfully coping with them.

Step 7

Also, you should not underestimate the results of your work, modestly yielding the palm to colleagues. Emphasize your contribution to the common cause, back up your judgments with numbers and facts. Answer follow-up questions, take advice, be flexible, and you'll be sure to be appreciated.

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