How To Characterize A Person

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How To Characterize A Person
How To Characterize A Person

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Characteristics - an oral or written description of the characteristic, distinctive features of a person, his appearance, actions and reactions, the combination of which allows you to create the most objective idea about him. A characterization per person can be given orally as a recommendation or in writing as an official document. The service characteristic is given by the employer at the request of third-party organizations: in the OVIR, traffic police, court, or is used as an internal document.

How to characterize a person
How to characterize a person


Step 1

Both in writing and orally, you need to highlight some of the qualities of a person by which your respondent will be able to form an idea of ​​the person you are characterizing.

Step 2

Describe how this person behaves in a team. An authoritarian person can be recognized by the desire to establish clear hierarchical relations, the use of force and coercive methods in resolving issues and managing. Such people, as a rule, are loyal to the authorities and traditional, conservative values ​​are important to them. Another character trait - love and faith in people will also manifest itself in relationships with others: these people are always ready to participate in social events, they are sociable, always ready to interact and help other people.

Step 3

Such a character trait as stability may indicate that such a person is responsible and predictable, those around such a person always evaluate and perceive positively. Imbalance, capriciousness, a tendency to unpredictable behavior form a negative assessment of this type of people among others - they can fail at any moment, you cannot rely on them either in work or in your personal life.

Step 4

Characterizes a person and the degree of self-esteem. A high understanding of their intelligence, appearance, behavior and abilities allows a person to achieve much more in life than those with lower self-esteem. Such people set themselves higher goals and solve more complex problems. People with low self-esteem are addicted and do not grab stars from the sky.

Step 5

Interesting is also such a property of character as a person's perception of risk. This is one of the main properties by which one can fairly correctly judge the human individuality. Those who are inclined to take risks do not spend a lot of time thinking about decisions and make them, limiting themselves to a minimum of information. At the same time, they have a rather strongly developed intuition and the decisions made are often more correct than those that were made as a result of long deliberations.

Step 6

Give an assessment of the qualities listed above in your characteristic, and from it it will already be possible to get a fairly clear idea of ​​the character and demeanor of a person.

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