How To Characterize Yourself

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How To Characterize Yourself
How To Characterize Yourself

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Often when applying for a job, a candidate is asked to talk about his own positive and negative qualities. The question "What are your main advantages" is usually perplexing, it is also embarrassing to talk about disadvantages. How to get out of the situation?

How to characterize yourself
How to characterize yourself


Step 1

Do not be afraid to appear immodest in the eyes of your future boss. After all, your employers also know the rules of the game: it is better to slightly exaggerate your merits than to look like a faded representative of office plankton, which has not shown itself in any way.

Step 2

Tell us about your success without unnecessary epithets and empty praises, operate with specific details: how much you managed to increase sales, how did your idea help to optimize the work of employees, etc. There is nothing wrong with presenting your accomplishments in a small presentation - with graphs, numbers, and a quick overview of your winning strategy.

Step 3

There is no need to repent of your mistakes. Even if you once, out of inexperience, failed an important project, do not notify those who see you as a successful employee about it. Do not hope that the employer will get into the situation and understand that you wanted the best, and only the intrigues of competitors prevented your triumph. Let the details of your failures remain with you.

Step 4

The question of personality implies that you will give yourself an accurate business profile. It is appropriate to say that you are sociable, which means that you can negotiate with people in stressful situations, that you are ambitious, which means that you are interested not only in your own, but also in the general prosperity of the company. But the fact that you are a good family man can be mentioned, but you should not emphasize it. Photos of children and favorite animals are also best left for a friendly party.

Step 5

Don't be afraid of tricky follow-up questions. The employer is most likely interested in your resistance to stress and resourcefulness, and not the exact answer. The question: “why are you so smart, but not yet a millionaire,” does not need to be answered seriously. Say that you hope to become one in your new workplace, do not try to pass off something over-original. The main thing is not to get lost.

Step 6

Ask business questions. Be sure to check the salary, responsibilities, overtime pay and other details. This "curiosity" not only clarifies prospects, but also characterizes you as a business person who came to work, and not just talk. This way, you will increase your chances of getting the place you want without going to the extremes of laudatory self-presentation.

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