What Has Changed In The Law On A Large Family

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What Has Changed In The Law On A Large Family
What Has Changed In The Law On A Large Family

Video: What Has Changed In The Law On A Large Family

Video: What Has Changed In The Law On A Large Family
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According to statistics, in Russia today, about 10% of the total number of families are large. According to the law, families with 3 or more children can be called such. Due to the fact that raising even one child is quite difficult and expensive, the state helps those who decide to have many children. After all, he also has his own interest in more citizens.

What has changed in the law on a large family
What has changed in the law on a large family

The laws that prescribe the rights and obligations of large families are regularly updated and changed. Various amendments are made annually due to price increases and other changes in legislation. But one thing remains unchanged - benefits for large families.

Not all large families know the full list of benefits that they are entitled to. This is due to the fact that bureaucratic delays do not allow wasting time for clarification, and with the reluctance of officials to share information.

Who provides benefits to large families

All expenses that make up benefits for large families are classified as social and are paid from special state funds. True, their size in some cases depends on the region in which the large family is located.

To receive the necessary indulgences and benefits, a family must apply to the social protection of their area with a corresponding statement. You will also need documents that indicate the family's per capita income. It is on their basis that various benefits will be calculated.

Changes in the law on large families

In 2014, the list of benefits remained unchanged when compared with 2013. But a number of changes in the legislation still appeared.

For example, in January 2014 amendments entered into force, which also affected labor legislation. Now, in the insurance experience of one of the parents, who sits with children and is engaged in their upbringing, the period of caring for a child up to 1, 5 years old will be taken into account. True, there is also a limitation - the upper bar should be no more than 4, 5 years.

In addition, the size of the childcare allowance is increased for large families and the payments that are made at the birth of a child are indexed.

Maternity capital is also indexed annually. True, it should be borne in mind that he is not given out for every subsequent child, but only once - for the second, third or other in a row, if the elders were born before 2007.

Changes in the law on mortgages for large families

On the territory of Russia there is a preferential form of obtaining a mortgage loan. Families with many children are among those who can take advantage of this kind of program.

In 2014, large families can take advantage of the Affordable Housing social program, which was launched in 2013. Today, detailed conditions for participation in the lending scheme, which is called preferential, have been announced, in particular, it spells out a decrease in the interest rate, as well as softer requirements for the initial payment.

In addition, in 2014, they are going to revise the legislation in the field of allocating land to large families and to spell out the conditions governing this process more clearly.