How To Apply To A Polyclinic

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How To Apply To A Polyclinic
How To Apply To A Polyclinic

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In order to enroll in a polyclinic, you need to have a compulsory health insurance policy. With him, you can contact the district clinic, having previously written an application addressed to the head physician. If you are a foreigner, then you will first need to contact the territorial health care institution.

How to apply to a polyclinic
How to apply to a polyclinic


To attach to the clinic, you need a passport, compulsory medical insurance policy, registration documents, an application


Step 1

The main condition for attaching to a district clinic is the presence of a compulsory medical insurance policy, which an employer can issue you if you work officially. If you do not officially work, then you can apply for the policy yourself, at your place of residence, if you are registered there. Just contact the nearest clinic - they will tell you where and how it will need to be done. In the absence of both work and registration, the policy will have to be issued in your hometown.

Step 2

Having a policy in hand, you have the right to attach to the clinic closest to your actual place of residence. This rule applies both to nonresident or foreigners, and to residents of the city who, for one reason or another, temporarily changed their place of residence. Take your passport, compulsory medical insurance policy and documents on your registration and go to the clinic - to the registry. There you will be given an application form for attachment to the clinic addressed to the head physician. You must fill it out and turn it in. From this point on, you can consider yourself attached.

Step 3

In some cases, the clinic may send you to the county health authority, where you will be given a referral to be assigned to a particular clinic. It will need to be handed over to this clinic.

Step 4

If you are a foreigner, you will need to immediately contact the territorial health authority. The list of documents on hand must be the same as in previous cases.

Step 5

Remember that if you want to attach to the clinic, then she has no right to refuse you, even if you do not have all the documents on hand. Having received a refusal, demand to issue it in writing and go with it to the prosecutor's office. For those who do not want to come into contact with government agencies, you can also ask for help from the company that issued you the compulsory medical insurance policy, since insurance companies usually help in such cases: to protect your rights in their interests.

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