How To Apply For A Single Mother

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How To Apply For A Single Mother
How To Apply For A Single Mother

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Single mothers are an unprotected social unit. Single mothers have certain rights and benefits, for which you must confirm the status of a single mother. To do this, you need to collect the necessary package of documents and report to the social protection authorities at the place of registration.

How to apply for a single mother
How to apply for a single mother


Step 1

A woman is considered a single mother in some cases: if she gave birth to a baby out of wedlock, in the child's birth certificate in the column “father” there is a dash or the father's name is written only from her words, the baby does not have an official dad if she adopted (adopted) child without being married. Widows, divorced women, etc. do not qualify for this status.

Step 2

To apply for the status of a single mother, go to the social protection department at the place of your registration, and not your actual residence (in this case, the social protection authorities do not have the right to issue any child benefits, because the place of your real registration is not under the jurisdiction of their department). Write a statement recognizing your status as a single mother.

Step 3

Collect the necessary package of documents: a baby's birth certificate, a certificate of cohabitation with a child, form No. 25 from the registry office, a certificate of your income (if you did not work before the birth of the baby, then you must provide a certificate from the employment service or at least a work book) … Don't forget your passport.

Step 4

Take photocopies of all documents and attach them along with the originals to the application. A special commission will consider your application within 30 days. After this period of time, you will be issued a single mother certificate, thanks to which you will be able to take advantage of certain legal benefits and receive the corresponding payments (for example, single mothers receive a double monthly allowance for a child under 16).

Step 5

Correctly executed documents give a single mother a number of advantages: priority admission of the child to a preschool institution, the right to be put on the waiting list for housing (but only on general terms), the opportunity to participate in special federal programs, certain rights at work (restriction of work at night) other.

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