How To Queue Up For An Apartment Like A Single Mother

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How To Queue Up For An Apartment Like A Single Mother
How To Queue Up For An Apartment Like A Single Mother

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In the Russian Federation, on March 1, 2005, a new Housing Code entered into force, which radically changed the rights of citizens to receive free social housing. Article 109 of the RF LC guarantees support for low-income citizens who do not have housing, have insufficient cubic capacity for living or inadequate living conditions, but in the order of the general queue. In accordance with the changes, a single mother has the right to join the queue if she is poor, has no housing, lives in cramped conditions or in the same apartment with sick people whose diseases are dangerous to others.

How to queue up for an apartment like a single mother
How to queue up for an apartment like a single mother

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - income statement;
  • - housing survey act for 5 years;
  • - certificate of registration for 10 years;
  • - certificate of property value;
  • - certificate of a single mother;
  • - a certificate of the presence of dangerous infectious diseases in the mother or child;
  • - a document confirming the disability of the mother or child;
  • - certificate of family composition.


Step 1

But an apartment can be obtained only on a general basis in the order of general priority. The single mother now has no benefits in obtaining free housing. All 49 categories, including single mothers, were removed from the list of beneficiaries.

Step 2

You can get into the preferential lists for getting an apartment out of turn if the mother or child is disabled (Government decree 817) or the mother or child suffers from serious illnesses that are dangerous to others (Article 37, Part 3 of the RF LC), as well as if the housing is in emergency condition or suffered from natural disasters.

Step 3

To get on the line, you need to contact the housing committee of the district administration, submit a number of documents. You will need a passport, a birth certificate of children, a certificate of income, a certificate of the value of existing property, a registration certificate for 10 years, a housing survey report for 5 years, a single mother's certificate, documents on disability or the presence of infectious dangerous diseases.

Step 4

All available property is included in the total income. Persons who meet the criteria of their constituent entity of the Russian Federation are recognized as poor.

Step 5

Within one month, a written response will be received from the housing commission about being placed on the waiting list or about refusal.

Step 6

If the mother or child is disabled or has contagious diseases, the family will be put on a preferential queue and will be given an apartment after the distribution of housing stock, when their preferential queue number comes up.

Step 7

In cases where the housing is emergency or damaged by natural disasters, the apartment will be provided out of turn.

Step 8

Every year you need to document that the family is in need and submit a fresh package of documents. In the event of an improvement in the financial situation or living conditions, they will be removed from the queue for housing. You will also need to confirm annually that the woman has not entered into an official marriage. In case of marriage, a certificate of income will be required from the husband, as well as a certificate of the value of his property, since in a marriage all the property of the spouses is common (Article 256, Clause 1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and Article 34, Clause 1 of the IC RF).

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