Who Is Considered A Single Mother In Russia

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Who Is Considered A Single Mother In Russia
Who Is Considered A Single Mother In Russia
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Single mothers in Russia have the right to receive help from the state, albeit small, but nevertheless. For example, such women can be provided with benefits for the purchase of medicines, a free voucher to a sanatorium once a year, etc. But who in the Russian Federation can use all these benefits? Who is considered a single mother in our country, according to the law?

Who is considered a single mother
Who is considered a single mother

A single mother in Russia, like in any other country in the world, is a woman who has given birth to a child for herself and raises it on her own. When registering children in our country, in this case, the surname of the father in the corresponding column of the birth certificate is entered from the words of the mother. Immediately after receiving this document, the woman is additionally issued a certificate confirming her status as a single mother.

Who is considered a single mother in Russia

According to the law, in the Russian Federation this status is granted to any woman who has a child who, in the official version, does not have a father. If the baby's dad is still known, but simply does not want to fulfill his duties, a woman cannot be considered a single mother by law. Indeed, in this case, she has the right to sue the child's father in court to pay alimony.

Officially, a woman can be considered a single mother if:

  • a joint statement of paternity was not submitted to the registry office;
  • information about the father in the child's birth certificate was compiled from the mother's words (or a dash was simply put in the column);
  • the certificate indicates the past or present spouse of the child's mother, who is not his actual father (if this fact is confirmed in court);
  • if the child was born in marriage or 300 days before the dissolution of the relationship, but the paternity of the spouse has not been determined.

A woman who adopts a child out of wedlock can also apply for the status of a single mother.

Who cannot be classified as a mothers benefit

So, who is considered a single mother in the Russian Federation, we found out. In any case, the everyday definition of this concept is somewhat different from the official one. So, for example, a woman raising a child alone cannot receive assistance from the state, as a single mother, if:

  • the child's father died or was deprived of parental rights;
  • the child was born to a man with whom the woman is not married or does not live with a written confirmation of paternity;
  • brings up a child after a divorce and does not receive alimony from a former spouse.

Helpful advice

Thus, we have given a precise definition of a single mother. In fact, any woman with a child can be called so if the last father is absent in the official version. The state, of course, took care of the benefits for such mothers. But to make life easier for themselves, single mothers should still follow one useful advice from experts.

The content of the entry in the column "Father" of the birth certificate does not in any way affect the amount of the allowance for the woman. A single mother will be able to exercise her rights to benefits in any case. However, lawyers advise such women to indicate in the column "Father" not a fictitious name, but a dash. In this case, in the future, it will be possible to avoid all sorts of difficulties, for example, when traveling abroad, registering a child at a new address, etc.

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