How To Apply For A Job

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How To Apply For A Job
How To Apply For A Job

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Probably, each of us at least once in his life got a job. Do you remember how it happened? Interview, communication with HR manager, manager, conclusion of an employment contract. Most often, in order to be accepted into the state, you need to write a job application.

Is work your calling? Get employed
Is work your calling? Get employed


Step 1

So, an employment contract with you will be signed only after the decision to hire you is made. This will be based on your application.

Step 2

Most often, a job application is written by hand. Nevertheless, the option created by means of computer technology is not excluded. In some organizations, there are ready-made application forms (the so-called stencil forms), where you only need to enter your name and address of residence. Please note that there is no uniform application form. But there are certain rules to follow.

Step 3

A job application must be written on a blank A4 sheet of paper.

Step 4

In the header of the document, write the full name of the organization, the position of the head, his last name and initials. There you must also indicate your last name, first name, patronymic, residence address and contact phone number for contacting you in case of a positive decision on your issue.

Step 5

Having stepped back, write in the center of the sheet the word "Application" with a capital letter, at the same time, do not put a full stop at the end.

Step 6

Below, start writing the application itself. You can write in any form. Most often it begins with the words "Please accept me for the position", then the position for which you are applying is indicated.

Step 7

In the application, you can also indicate the amount of remuneration. Quite often, applicants write: "… with pay in the amount of the staffing table." This step is optional and is up to you.

Step 8

In addition, you can specify the number of bets you are counting on. But this is not recommended.

Step 9

Try not to use archaisms and clericalism in the text of your statement: “I earnestly ask you,” “I ask you not to refuse,” “I am grateful in advance,” “at your discretion,” etc.

Step 10

When applying for a job, you may also be required to write, in addition to your home address, your pension insurance card number and TIN.

Step 11

Put the date of its writing and your signature under the text of the application.

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