How To Apply For A Job In The FSB

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How To Apply For A Job In The FSB
How To Apply For A Job In The FSB
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Working for the FSB has always been considered very prestigious. In the light of the global economic crisis, many Russians dream of getting a job in a power structure, where wages are paid on time, there is a social package and benefits.

How to apply for a job in the FSB
How to apply for a job in the FSB

It is necessary

  • - good health;
  • - proper physical fitness;
  • - a package of documents proving your identity, educational documents, etc.


Step 1

When going to work in the state security agencies, you must understand that a career in this department is not only prestige and social guarantees, but also a huge responsibility, associated with various restrictions. Not to mention the fact that this job is often life-threatening. If you are not afraid of warnings, and you want to become an FSB officer by all means, then you will have to go through a rigorous selection process.

Step 2

If you have serious health problems, are a close relative of a civil servant, have foreign citizenship, have lived (you or your close relatives) abroad, have a criminal record, then you may not even submit an application for employment with the FSB. The above circumstances are grounds for immediate refusal.

Step 3

If none of the above applies to you, you can contact the local FSB authorities with a request to consider your candidacy. Be prepared to provide a tax return (yours and your family members') and a range of documents that the HR department deems it necessary to request for the place of future work.

Step 4

The main stages at which those wishing to work in the state bodies are eliminated. safety is a physical fitness check and a medical examination. To enlist in the FSB, you must pull up on the crossbar at least 10 times, run 100 m in 14, 40 s, 1 km - in 4, 25 minutes, 3 km - in 12, 35 minutes (the standards are indicated for men aged up to 35 years old). Therefore, before direct employment, bring your physical data in accordance with the specified standards. As for the medical examination, little depends on you. You are unlikely to be able to radically change your state of health in such a short time.

Step 5

Submit documents to the HR department confirming your achievements in sports, educational and work activities. Sports categories in shooting, martial arts are welcome. If you have additional skills (for example, you are a mountaineer), be sure to inform about it too. Knowledge of several foreign languages ​​will also set you apart from other candidates.

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