How To Become A Sports Judge

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How To Become A Sports Judge
How To Become A Sports Judge

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Boys who watch sports matches with admiration dream of growing up and becoming sports referees. It would seem that for this it is enough to graduate from the necessary educational institution and the road to sports refereeing is open - but not everything is so simple. So how can you become an arbiter in Russia and what you need to know for this?

How to become a sports judge
How to become a sports judge

Training of sports judges

Each competition is strictly regulated by a number of rules, which are monitored by sports judges. The effectiveness of the competition largely depends on their selection, training and placement - after all, there is an intense struggle in sports, the level of complexity of which is constantly increasing, so a good sports judge should be maximally prepared for this.

When selecting arbitrators, their physical and mental readiness for work, as well as the personality of a potential judge, is always taken into account.

Over the years, a system for the training of professional athletes has been built in Russia, which was classified according to the levels of skill: institutions that train future sports stars consisted of children's sports schools for beginners, sports boarding schools, Olympic reserve schools, professional teams of masters and star national teams. Simultaneously with this system, the referee training system was also built. Earlier, the training of sports judges began already with the Sports School, the programs for which included a purposeful long-term training of young athletes and referees. Today, there are special higher institutions that train sports judges.

What you need for a career as a sports judge

For those who dream of a brilliant career as an arbiter, it is advisable to start preparing for it from a young age, since it will take at least ten years to obtain the required qualifications. Despite the fact that amateur sports does not consider refereeing as a professional activity, it is considered a specialty that needs to be trained and improved.

Today, sports judges are trained not only according to the methods of refereeing, but also according to the moral and ethical, psychological and pedagogical, physical and medico-biological aspects.

The role of a sports judge is of great importance for the development of sports, therefore, a future referee must receive full-fledged training in his educational institution and pass professional selection for suitability for refereeing. Then he must undergo objective professional training from experienced arbitrators, after which the qualifications of the trainee judge will be assessed by the professional certification commission, which gives the arbitrators recommendations on official appointment, relocation, as well as referrals for further study or retraining.

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