How To Improve The Qualifications Of A Personnel Officer?

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How To Improve The Qualifications Of A Personnel Officer?
How To Improve The Qualifications Of A Personnel Officer?

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Modern HR is faced with the need to regularly improve in the field of personnel affairs, to improve their qualifications, because labor legislation is constantly changing, as are the methods of working with personnel.



Step 1

Read professional literature regularly: books, reference publications, specialized magazines. First of all, reread the Labor Code itself. An employee of the personnel department must know labor legislation perfectly, and the best option is to read the original source, which contains answers to all personnel questions, make notes in the margins, and form bookmarks.

Step 2

If you have difficult questions, disputable situations, please refer to information and reference systems or look for answers on the Internet: on thematic sites, professional communities, HR forums.

Step 3

Attend trainings, seminars, forums, master classes, take part in webinars. It is no secret that large personnel publications regularly hold various training events, including absolutely free of charge. In addition, some editions and systems provide free demo access to their resources. One of the publications is holding a competition "Personnel of the Year", thereby providing an opportunity for each specialist to grow professionally, improve their qualifications and receive well-deserved prizes.

Step 4

Join HR communities on the Internet (websites, forums). Often, there you can not only glean a lot of important information, but also ask a question and get an answer.

Step 5

Keep in touch with your colleagues, form an "information network", each member of which can initiate a discussion of a controversial issue and get help from colleagues.

Step 6

If possible, find an experienced mentor who can be consulted on the most difficult issues. By the way, one of the staffing magazines offers a "personal consultation" service: each subscriber can get an unlimited number of consultations from a staffing expert.

Step 7

Conduct internal HR audits more often. Highlight a number of areas in which additional training is required. If necessary, you can engage a third-party organization to conduct an external audit, as a result, you will receive important recommendations for improving personnel work.

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