How To Become An Officer Of The Russian Army

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How To Become An Officer Of The Russian Army
How To Become An Officer Of The Russian Army

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An officer is a serviceman with military and military special training, education and a personally assigned officer rank. In the army, officers are the main organizers and direct executors of the tasks of ensuring the country's defense and security.

Airborne officer in full dress
Airborne officer in full dress


Step 1

Usually serving in the army or navy is the most common dream of many boys and teenagers. If the desire to make a military career took shape from childhood or the young man decided to continue the family dynasty of military officers, they begin to prepare for this in advance.

Step 2

If you are still in school, but have already seriously decided to prepare yourself for military service, instead of a regular school, go to the cadet corps. To do this, you must be fit for health reasons, transferred to the 5th grade of a comprehensive school, persuade your parents to apply for a transfer to the cadet corps. It is not too late to enter such a building in grades 6-9. After completing a cadet education, you will receive initial experience of life in a military collective, initial military training and advantages for admission to military schools and higher military educational institutions.

Step 3

After graduating from secondary school, go to a military school, or better - to a military university. You must be between 16 and 27 years of age to enroll. Persons from 19 to 27 years old must necessarily serve compulsory military service. Persons under 18 years of age are granted a grace period or academic leave for the duration of their studies.

Step 4

The application can be submitted in person to the admissions office of your chosen educational institution or through the military registration and enlistment office. The conditions for admission to military schools or military universities differ from civilian ones only by the presence of a compulsory physical training exam.

Step 5

When choosing a specific educational institution, please note that many of them have special requirements for candidates. To enter the Institute of Physical Culture, you must have a sports title or at least 2 sports categories in one of the sports. To enter the military conducting faculty, you must be able to play one of the instruments of a brass band.

Step 6

Complete the full training program of your chosen military school or university. Upon completion, complete the final qualifying work and pass the final state exams. If you pass the exams successfully, you will be awarded the primary officer rank - lieutenant.

Step 7

You can become an officer without a military school or university. Graduate from a civilian university with a military department. Subject to successful studies and successful completion of the final exams, you will also be awarded the rank of lieutenant of the Russian army.

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