How Can You Tell About Yourself

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How Can You Tell About Yourself
How Can You Tell About Yourself

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During a job interview, many different questions are asked, which depend on the field of activity. But very often during the conversation, you are asked to tell about yourself, which can confuse newcomers. It is important to understand what exactly is meant by this question, what to say, and what points it is better not to tell.

How can you tell about yourself
How can you tell about yourself


Step 1

In conversation, do not use words and gestures parasites. These include slang words, drawn-out “uh,” or other sounds that people use to fill the void between phrases. If you start fiddling with your sleeves, scratching your nose nervously, or straightening your hair when you're worried, try to keep yourself together and not do it in the interview. These gestures distract from the meaning of your words, so try not to use them during the conversation.

Step 2

Don't talk too much for too long. Answer this question briefly and to the point. Try to keep within 2-3 minutes, highlighting all the main points about yourself and not dragging out the conversation. Say only what will be interesting to the interlocutor in relation to the proposed place of work.

Step 3

Do not use standard phrases that every third person repeats. Tell us about your merits, but in original words. Do not use the standard set of characteristics "outgoing, responsible, active". Present this information in other words to interest the recruiter - "I can listen to clients and understand what they need." Show yourself original in order to be remembered by the employer and to interest him.

Step 4

Don't repeat the information on your resume. In particular, do not talk about where you studied and worked after graduation, the skills and characteristics described in the resume. Tell us about other positive traits, benefits that you brought in your previous job, that you can bring to the new company. If you left your previous job, explain the reasons for this act.

Step 5

Think ahead and evaluate every word you say. Analyze yourself and your past work accomplishments. Find your strengths to highlight in the interview. Write a sample text that you will tell during the conversation with the employer, read it and see how long it takes. Ask your friends to rate how interesting and understandable you are in telling about yourself, what can be added or removed. Make sure that your words do not sound ambiguous and do not represent you in an unfavorable light.

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