How To Get A Purchase Subsidy

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How To Get A Purchase Subsidy
How To Get A Purchase Subsidy

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Almost no average family can buy housing without attracting borrowed funds. Not everyone wants to take out a loan at a commercial bank at high interest rates. Currently, to support families, various government subsidy programs are being developed, which give, albeit small, but real hope for an improvement in housing conditions.

How to get a purchase subsidy
How to get a purchase subsidy

It is necessary

  • Passport, original and copy of each family member;
  • Birth certificate of the child / children, if any, also copies;
  • The right to establish property documents;
  • Technical documents for the apartment;
  • Certificate from the place of residence on the composition of the family;
  • Income certificates of spouses;
  • Announcement of recognizing families in need of better housing conditions;
  • Application for queuing for program grant.


Step 1

There are federal and regional programs that enable young families to receive subsidies for the purchase of housing. The age limit, depending on the program, ranges from 30 to 35 years old. If your family does not have children, then you can expect to receive a subsidy of 35% of the estimated cost of housing. If you have children, then this figure rises to 40%. However, it is difficult to obtain a subsidy. The laws of our country sometimes contradict each other. So, before you are eligible for a subsidy, you must prove that you are in need of better housing. Collect all the documents that are required from your administration.

Step 2

Write an application for registration as needing housing improvement, get a message about recognizing your family as needy.

Step 3

Next, you must apply to register among the participants in a specific subsidy program. Here you will be required to practically all the same documents that you collected for registration or their copies. Prepare the entire list well in advance. Write a statement. Please note that by applying for a subsidy, you must also prove your worth to pay the remaining 60-65% of the cost of housing. After submitting the application, a check is carried out.

Step 4

Every year the state allocates only a small amount of money, everyone who wants to can not receive it in one year. After one year, if you have not been notified that you will be given subsidies, you should re-collect all documents and certificates.

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