How To Start A Garage Co-op

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How To Start A Garage Co-op
How To Start A Garage Co-op

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The issue of storing a car in a big city is quite acute. One of the ways to solve this problem in an organized way is to create a garage-building cooperative (GSK). In comparison with other types of non-profit associations of citizens, the organization of the GSK has its own characteristics, which should be taken into account even at the stage of planning the activities of the future cooperative.

How to start a garage co-op
How to start a garage co-op


Step 1

Start by creating an initiative group. Here you have to show your organizational skills in order to interest car owners in the prospect of an organized construction of a garage complex. Future members of the cooperative can be united by a community of residence, joint work, or other common features. The preparatory process is not easy, it can take a lot of time. The first stage ends with the documentary registration of the decision of the initiative group on the creation of the GSK.

Step 2

Together with the initiative group, develop a charter for a garage-building cooperative. Highlight in detail in the charter issues related to the formation of GSK property and sources of funds. As a rule, these are contributions: introductory, membership, share, target, and so on. If drafting the charter of the cooperative causes you difficulties, contact a qualified lawyer.

Step 3

After completing the package of constituent documents, register the cooperative in the prescribed manner and register it with the tax authority at the place of registration.

Step 4

Open a current bank account, as well as personal accounts of members of the cooperative for making shares.

Step 5

Draw up and execute an act of selection and a land lease agreement. To do this, it is necessary to collect the necessary documents for submission to the municipal authority in charge of urban planning and land use. The list of documents may vary depending on the region.

Step 6

After completing all the documents and considering them in the relevant authorities, including obtaining a cadastral passport, you will receive a lease agreement for a land plot allocated for the construction of a garage complex. Register the agreement with the Federal Registration Service of the region.

Step 7

Conclude a contract for the design and construction of a garage complex with a construction organization. After the completion of construction work, conclude a contract for the operation of the facility between the cooperative and the operating organization.

Step 8

Register the cooperative's ownership of the garages. To do this, prepare documents for registration of property rights to an object in the Federal Registration Service and obtain a corresponding certificate.

Step 9

Since most of the stages of creating and registering a garage-building cooperative are associated with the development, execution and registration of documentation, including legal issues, you should entrust the implementation of these operations to a legal company. This will speed up the process of introducing the GSK into operation and save yourself from a lot of bureaucratic procedures.

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