How To Get A Preferential Pension

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How To Get A Preferential Pension
How To Get A Preferential Pension

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A pension is a cash benefit paid to people who have retired and who are disabled or have lost their breadwinner. Now the payment of pensions on preferential terms is also provided. The main thing is to know how to arrange it.

How to get a preferential pension
How to get a preferential pension

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - employment history;
  • - certificate of the average salary for 60 months continuously until January 1, 2002 during employment;
  • - contacts of the former employer.


Step 1

Find out if you are eligible for a reduced pension. A preferential pension is provided for people who worked in difficult or difficult working conditions (work underground, high temperatures), in the Far North, mothers with many children, war invalids, the blind and other categories of citizens. A complete list of such persons can be found in the Labor Pension Law.

Step 2

Visit the Pension Fund located in your area of ​​residence. There you can find out exactly about the right to receive a pension and about the list of necessary documents, depending on the nature of the work. The procedure for their submission and other nuances required for registration are explained by the staff of the fund.

Step 3

Collect the required package of documents. In addition to the required documents. for certain categories of persons it may be required: certificate of OPS, certificate of disability degree, certificate of finding disabled dependent family members, etc. It should be taken into account that for certain specialties additional certificates are required. For example, divers must submit a diving book that records the number of hours they have spent underwater.

Step 4

Contact the organization where you worked. Almost all necessary certificates and extracts can be obtained there. Various documents and certificates must confirm the length of service and the nature of the work. Indicators associated with certain types of work are also drawn up. This can be labor activity in a certain area, city status, work with hazardous materials, workload during working hours, etc. Certificates confirming this information are issued by the employer.

Step 5

Submit the collected package of documents to the Pension Fund. There, applications for early retirement are filled out. An employee of the Pension Fund checks the correctness of the documents and accepts them, after which a preferential pension is issued.

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