How To Become A Dentist

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How To Become A Dentist
How To Become A Dentist

Oral cavity care is an important component not only of a healthy life, but also of the image of every person. Strong, beautiful white teeth will help you achieve success in any endeavor. Just a smile is enough to make the right impression. Therefore, more and more young people are thinking about the profession of a dentist, since the services of this doctor are very popular and highly paid.

How to become a dentist
How to become a dentist


Step 1

The profession of "dentist" includes several areas of activity. These are surgery, oral care (whitening, filling, treatment of dental and gum diseases, prosthetics, braces installation, etc.) and maintenance (manufacturing of prostheses, crowns, etc.). The first two specialties can be obtained in higher educational institutions, and the profession of "dental technician" can be mastered in a medical college or school.

Step 2

To get the profession of "dental technician", it is enough to finish nine classes of a general education school and enter a medical school. Admission of applicants is based on the results of the State Final Attestation (GIA) and entrance examinations. To enroll in the course "Dental Orthopedics", you must successfully pass exams in physics, chemistry and Russian. A list of medical schools and colleges in the capital and region can be viewed on the website indicated next to the article.

Step 3

To master the specialty of a maxillofacial surgeon and dentist, you will have to graduate from a higher educational institution. To enter there, it is enough to successfully pass the Unified State Exam. Subjects required for admission to a medical school are chemistry, biology and Russian. Those who score the maximum number of points in these disciplines have the maximum chance to enter the institute or academy of interest.

Step 4

Graduates of medical schools and colleges also have the right to continue their education at a university. To do this, you need to write in advance (at the end of April - May) an application addressed to the dean of the institute or academy with a request to pass the Unified State Exam. For such applicants, entrance examinations are carried out by the dean's office of the university.