How To Confirm Russian Citizenship In

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How To Confirm Russian Citizenship In
How To Confirm Russian Citizenship In

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If a situation arises in which FMS officers require proof of citizenship, you need to know in advance what documents can help to do this. Find out what rights workers of the migration service have in order not to become a victim of arbitrariness.

How to confirm the citizenship of the Russian Federation
How to confirm the citizenship of the Russian Federation


Step 1

The main document that can confirm that you are a citizen of Russia is your passport. If you were given it, then there should be no doubts about your citizenship. Other documents that can confirm your civil status: birth certificate, military ID, USSR passport with registration stamp, foreign passport or diplomatic passport.

Step 2

If you have lost your identity document, contact the house administration at the place of registration, you must be issued a certificate stating that you are registered in a particular residential building, and this is enough to confirm that you had a passport and you are a citizen. A certificate stating that you have lived in the territory of the RSFSR for a period of at least 5 years can also help.

Step 3

If an employee of the FMS claims that your child cannot be a citizen of Russia, since one of the parents does not have citizenship of the Russian Federation, then this is a gross violation of your rights. According to the law, if at least one of the parents has a passport and a birth certificate is issued on the territory of Russia, the minor is obliged to obtain a citizen's passport at the age of 14.

Step 4

If you are told that your passport was issued illegally and they are trying to withdraw it, go to court. No one can deprive a person of citizenship except by a court verdict, and in any case an act must be drawn up on the withdrawal of a passport, which must be confirmed by two witnesses. The court will conduct an examination within 30 days and decide whether your passport is legal. Be prepared to provide other supporting documents if required during the review.

Step 5

If you believe that your rights have been violated, do not put up with arbitrariness. Contact higher authorities and authorities, get your way. Citizenship is your birthright if you were born in the Russian Federation, and no one has any reason to deprive you of it.

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