How To Send Child Support By Mail

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How To Send Child Support By Mail
How To Send Child Support By Mail

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Alimony obligations can be paid in different ways, make a bank or postal order, as well as write a statement at the place of work and deductions will be made from wages. The accounting department is independently obliged to make the transfer to the recipient's account.

How to send child support by mail
How to send child support by mail

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If you plan to transfer alimony through the mail of the Russian Federation, and such a transfer is done most often, if income is unstable or absent, then you must contact the post office on a monthly or quarterly basis and transfer funds to the recipient's account.

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How often you will make money transfers depends on a voluntary agreement that you have entered into in a notary form or on a court order. It is possible both a monthly, quarterly transfer, and payment in 6 or 12 months, the main thing is that the amount and terms correspond to those indicated in the writ of execution or in a voluntary agreement.

Step 3

Specify the exact details of the recipient, full name, the amount of the money transfer. You can transfer child support to a bank account or to the recipient's address. If you make a transfer to a postal address, then the alimony can be received at your post office.

Step 4

Russian Post carries out money transfers at established rates. Up to 1000 rubles, 7 rubles are charged for the service and 5% of the amount of the money transfer. From 1,000 to 5,000 rubles, postage costs 57 rubles and 4% of the transfer amount is charged, from 5,000 to 20,000 rubles, a transfer service costs 217 rubles, and 3% of the amount is charged from the transfer. Consider these amounts when transferring. They must be paid by you, since the amount of alimony paid must not be lower than that specified in the agreement or in the writ of execution.

Step 5

Each time you make a transfer, you are required to present your passport. Do not forget to keep the receipts issued to you confirming the amount and date of the transfer. Payment documents will be required in case of misunderstandings or legal proceedings regarding the late transfer of alimony. Having receipts, you can always document the timely transfer of funds.

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