How To Send A Passport By Mail

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How To Send A Passport By Mail
How To Send A Passport By Mail

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Postal services are rendered in accordance with the "Rules for the provision of services" No. 221 dated April 15, 2005, approved by the RF Government. Russian Post has the right to accept for shipment only items that are agreed in regulatory legal acts. There are several ways to send a passport, but officially it will not be possible to do this.

How to send a passport by mail
How to send a passport by mail

It is necessary

  • - registered letter without a list of attachments;
  • - a valuable parcel without an inventory of the attachment;
  • - a registered letter or a parcel post with a list of attachments (if you send a notarized photocopy, as it is not prohibited for sending).


Step 1

If you want to send the original passport, you can do it by registered mail without a list of attachments, but this method does not guarantee that the document will arrive intact.

Step 2

To send your passport by registered mail, buy an envelope from the mail intended for regular mail, sign the address of the addressee who should receive your passport, indicate your address and both postal codes. Seal the letter, give it to the postal operator, pay for the postage.

Step 3

The second option to send a passport by mail is to put it in a valuable parcel without indicating that it contains the main identity document. In both the first and second cases, the Russian post is not responsible for the delivery of the document, and when informing the telecom operator that you are sending a passport, your postal item will simply refuse to send, since, according to the rules, the forwarding of any documents by postal items is prohibited.

Step 4

Only a notarized photocopy of the passport is allowed to be sent, which you can send quite officially by registered mail with a list of attachments, or a valuable parcel post with a list of attachments. All shipments with a list of attachments are accepted by the postal operator only in an open form, since a thorough examination of the sent valuables is carried out, after which the operator seals the envelope or parcel on his own. This method of sending ensures that your notarized photocopy of your passport arrives intact.

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