What Documents Are Needed For Registration

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What Documents Are Needed For Registration
What Documents Are Needed For Registration

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Previously mandatory registration more than 10 years ago became voluntary and acquired a notification character, while registering for some categories of citizens is still as difficult as before.

What documents are needed for registration
What documents are needed for registration

Housing office will help

A residence permit, or, more correctly, registration, is issued only by the bodies of the Federal Migration Service. However, they do not work directly with citizens, therefore, documents for registration at the place of residence or at the place of temporary stay are accepted by passport officers who are in the housing department, housing office or the management company serving your house.

Registration at the place of stay is issued for no more than 90 days for citizens of Russia and from 5 to 30 days for foreign citizens.

To register, the owner of a residential premises must contact the passport officer personally and bring with him documents confirming the ownership of the residential premises and their copies - one for each registered citizen. If the house or apartment has several owners, then you will have to disturb everyone, everyone does not need to appear in person, but you will have to provide everyone's consent, certified by a notary, to register another citizen in the premises.

If the apartment is legally rented, and you have a lease in your hands, you will also need to provide it to the passport officer along with a copy. The end of the lease will be considered the end of your temporary registration.

From a person wishing to register on a living space, you will need to provide a passport and a copy of it, an application for registration (issued by a passport officer) and a form 1P card (departure sheet from the previous place of residence). If a citizen has moved, but has not withdrawn from the registration at the previous place of residence, he will need to simultaneously fill out an application for both deregistration and registration; he does not need to go to the old address just in order to check out.

To register in a private house where there is no management company, you need to go to the territorial division of the migration service.

Before January 1, 2014, both heads of village councils and village administrations could register in private houses, now only the FMS of your district.

A household book will need to be attached to the listed documents (it is usually kept in the hands of the owners of the house). It is not necessary to hand over it, but it is obligatory to present it.

Some subtleties of registration

If not only an adult, but also minor children is registered, you will need to attach one more application for registration for each child and originals of birth certificates.

Homeowners need to remember one nuance: if you have agreed to register a citizen (not necessarily a member of your family) in your home, then your consent to register his minor children will no longer be required.

Thus, when going to register a registration, you need to have:

- passport and its copy, - certificates of birth, marriage / divorce, - certificates of ownership of residential premises and / or consent of all owners to register specific citizens, - lease agreement, if the apartment is rented, - men - military ID, - departure sheet in form 1P, - an application for registration at the place of residence or at the place of stay.

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