How To Change Your Passport At 20

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How To Change Your Passport At 20
How To Change Your Passport At 20
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Not so long ago, a passport was issued to a person once for life - they usually changed it only when changing their surname in case of marriage, and as they grew up, they only pasted a new photo. Now passports are changed "by age" at 20 and 45 years. How to change your passport at 20 and what is required for this?

How to change your passport at 20
How to change your passport at 20


Step 1

In order to change your passport at the age of 20 (and later at 45), you will first need to pay the state fee for a new passport form (its size is purely symbolic). This can be done at a Sberbank branch - and be sure to keep the receipt of payment.

Step 2

Also, to replace your passport, you will need two color or black-and-white photographs measuring 35 x 45 millimeters (one will be glued into your passport, the other will remain in your "personal file" at the passport office). Photos should be taken strictly full-face, without hats. If you constantly wear glasses, then you also need to be photographed for a passport with glasses (with non-tinted glasses).

Step 3

After that, you must appear at the passport office, having with you your old passport, issued at the age of 14, a receipt for payment of the state duty and photographs. In addition, to put down the necessary marks in the passport, you may need documents confirming registration; military ID (for boys), certificates of registration or divorce and birth certificates of children.

Step 4

At the passport office, you will need to fill out a special application form for a replacement passport, and the passport office staff will certify your personal signature, take your documents and tell you when to come to get a new passport.

Step 5

Keep in mind that changing your passport usually takes about two weeks - so you shouldn't plan for this time for activities that require you to show your passport (for example, traveling by plane or train; shopping on credit, etc.).

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