Introduction To Copywriting. Part 6. Marketing Codes

Introduction To Copywriting. Part 6. Marketing Codes
Introduction To Copywriting. Part 6. Marketing Codes

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What happens to most of the ad copy in Russia today? The disease of irrationality. It amazed today not only copywriting, but also the language of the press, government, especially the State Duma.

What is copywriting
What is copywriting

Tons of verbal rubbish that are pouring from all sides today are an unnecessary dotted line in the diagram of the presentation logic. The highest science of accuracy and beauty of presentation - the rhetoric was known by the ancient Greeks and Romans, and the Englishmen were brought to perfection.

Many factors in advertising are determined by brand awareness, advertising medium, unique marketing ploy, novelty of style, and many other circumstances. When advertising a car or a yacht, we will use completely different marketing moves and advertising solutions, rather than representing the services of a lawyer or hairdresser. Each product, service requires different approaches from the point of view of marketing: one of the tasks of the advertising text is to fully reveal all the characteristics of the product (service), focusing the attention of the potential consumer on the features, advantages and benefits of the acquisition. Therefore, in different situations, different language techniques will be required. What works in one case will not work in another. There is no universal language in advertising. This applies not only to the classifications of goods (services), but also to the characteristics of the culture of each society. A successful advertising project, for example, in Japan will not work in Slavic cultures due to differences in the mental environment of different nations, although there are always unexpected exceptions in advertising.

Advertising guru great Ogilvie wrote: "If you want to convince people to buy something or do something, then you have to speak their language, think in their language - in the language in which they think and speak every day."

It happens that in a press release, tender proposal or advertising of an innovative development, different parts of the advertising text are addressed to opposite groups of society.

You need to write such parts of the advertising text in a slightly different language. To do this, you need to have a certain stylistic ear.

Can you distinguish the style of V. Nabokov from the style of F. Dostoevsky or L. Tolstoy in fiction?

Anyone reading person will make it easy, because a writer can afford (and someone can make style the meaning of all creativity) to write with one style, improving and sticking to it.

A true copywriter cannot afford that. He must master all the techniques, be able to create various texts in the language of a businessman, housewife, scientist, lawyer, peasant, etc., harmoniously inscribing, if necessary, their language in one advertising text.

The target audience can consist of different categories, groups, different social environment.

The task of the copywriter when creating such an advertising text is to accommodate all stylistic means in one whole so that they work equally well for these different categories of people.

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