Introduction To Copywriting. Part 5. Selling Text

Introduction To Copywriting. Part 5. Selling Text
Introduction To Copywriting. Part 5. Selling Text

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The copywriter's presentation logic is marketing thinking, designed in the advertising text, the task of which is to convey the maximum information to the minimum of signs.

What is copywriting
What is copywriting

After the definitions (their differences) - "advertising language" and "advertising text" - the next important stage is the copywriter's presentation logic. Advertising text does not require philosophy - this is how you can define the main essence of this logic. This text should be as precise as a mathematical formula describing the shortest and easiest way to solve.

Why do authors write texts? To convey a message to the reader. We are not talking here about the emotional, artistic, estatic or any other merits of the text, its main basis is thought, information, knowledge. Each text has its own specific task: the legal text will be verified, clothed in linguistic clichés, saturated with terms and specific concepts; the technical text will be descriptive in nature, contain formulas, graphs, dry facts; artistic - to include all the variety of the language palette. Each of these options has a specific function, using certain language techniques. The language of a well-written advertising text is subordinated to one task - to sell.

The information in the advertising slogan must be enclosed in an economic shell that makes it a seller; here its aesthetic value does not play any role. Each word in the advertising text should be verified as much as possible to compress the structure and material without losing its logical meaning.

There are three fundamental principles on which the ad copy is supported:

  • The attention of a potential consumer who is not interested in reading anything at all (headline).
  • The desire to receive new information (about a product, service, offer), an interest in reading, which is resolved with the help of subheadings, highlights, design in the text of introductory words, special characters, graphics, fonts and similar tools.
  • The result is a sale. Advertising text should always be read to the end.

That is, the task of the copywriter is to create such a text that would be of interest immediately, was read to the end and would cause a desire to purchase (a product or service). The selling moment can occur anywhere in the text, it depends on the strength of the presentation and the talent of the copywriter, but it is worth remembering that there are no ideal advertising texts.

Advertising is always an uninvited guest in the mind of a person, and the information flow in today's world is an unbridled element, the volume of which is growing exponentially. With the accelerated development of media and the Internet, the world is becoming more informative, where it becomes more and more difficult to isolate the exact formula of the advertising text.

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