Where To Apply To The Court

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Where To Apply To The Court
Where To Apply To The Court

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If you have any claims against certain individuals or legal entities, you can go to court to resolve the dispute in your favor. However, it is extremely important not to be mistaken with a suitable court for this and file a claim in the right form.

Where to apply to the court
Where to apply to the court


Step 1

Determine the jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the dispute that has arisen. To do this, study the current procedural and other legislative acts of the Russian Federation. Citizens who are individuals, in order to resolve a dispute with other citizens or legal entities, must submit a claim to a civil court. If a dispute arises between two or more organizations and legal entities and affects economic issues, it should be considered by an arbitration court.

Step 2

Select the location of the court depending on the nature of the claim. The plaintiff can apply to the court at the place of residence of the defendant or the legal address of the organization. If they are unknown, and in the case of some circumstances stipulated in the legislation, the statement of claim must be filed with the court at the location of the defendant's economic property. When resolving disputes related to land use, a claim is filed at the location of the objects (sites, buildings and structures) involved in the dispute.

Step 3

Fill out your statement of claim in accordance with the requirements specified in the relevant procedural code of the Russian Federation. Provide the name and address of the competent court. Attach to the application documents that are evidence in the case, as well as their copies according to the number of participants in the process. Attach a receipt for payment of the state fee. The finished document should be submitted to the court registry. If the court is located in another city, send the application by mail, carefully checking all the details of the court.

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