How To Challenge A Settlement Agreement

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How To Challenge A Settlement Agreement
How To Challenge A Settlement Agreement

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The settlement agreement can be challenged only by appealing the judicial act by which it was approved. Not only the persons participating in the case, but also third parties can appeal the settlement agreement if it affects their rights and interests.

How to challenge a settlement agreement
How to challenge a settlement agreement

It is necessary

  • - a claim to the court with the requirement to recognize the settlement agreement as invalid and an application for its revision;
  • - the presence of newly discovered circumstances;
  • - it is also possible to involve third parties interested in the case;
  • - qualified legal assistance.


Step 1

An amicable agreement is an agreement of the parties to terminate a litigation amicably through concessions and mutual satisfaction of counterclaims. After the signing of the settlement agreement, the court case on the subject of the dispute is terminated, but it can be resumed if the settlement agreement is declared invalid.

Step 2

To appeal the settlement agreement, file a counterclaim to invalidate it and revise the approved court ruling on the basis of newly discovered circumstances (clause 5 of article 311 of the APC RF). Thus, the court will be able to consider the case on the merits. That is, in fact, to return to the stage when the settlement agreement was concluded.

Step 3

Newly discovered circumstances in the domestic doctrine of procedural law imply the existence of facts that existed at the time of the consideration of a particular case and were essential for its correct decision, and you did not know and could not have known at the time of the previous consideration of the case about the existence of these facts.

Step 4

As mentioned earlier, not only its participants, but also third parties who have a relationship to it can appeal against an amicable agreement. For example, an amicable agreement on the demolition of a building may be challenged not only by the developer who undertakes to demolish the object, but also by the people who bought apartments from him.

Step 5

If you cannot find "newly discovered circumstances" to revise the settlement agreement and invalidate it, take advantage of this loophole in legal proceedings - involve third parties interested in the case.

Step 6

An amicable agreement can also be challenged by a state body that exercises control or supervision over the activities of a legal entity. As a rule, when making a ruling on an amicable agreement, the court at the end of the text indicates the period during which the amicable agreement can be appealed.

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