How To Write An Application For Administrative

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How To Write An Application For Administrative
How To Write An Application For Administrative

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Unpaid leave is popularly called administrative leave. The Labor Code contains only one article on the conditions for its provision. According to the law, only a small category of citizens is granted mandatory administrative leave. In other cases, the employer has the right to refuse you. To prevent this from happening, you need to understand the intricacies of the law and correctly draw up a statement.

How to write an application for administrative
How to write an application for administrative


Step 1

Old-age pensioners who continue to work, as well as the spouses and parents of dead servicemen, have the right to 2 weeks of administrative. Employees who combine work with study at a university are entitled to 15 days of unpaid leave every year. Students of secondary schools are entitled to up to 10 administrative days for the period of the session and two months before passing the state exams. Heroes of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation can write an application for 3 weeks of unpaid leave, and participants and veterans of the Great Patriotic War - for 35 days. Working disabled people, upon application, can be given two months of administrative time. The employer cannot refuse to provide these categories of citizens with unpaid leave. He is also obliged to sign your application for 5 administrative days in the event of the birth of a child, death of a relative and when registering a marriage.

Step 2

If you do not belong to any of the listed categories of citizens, you will have to draw up an application indicating the reason why you need an administrative one. In this case, the cap of the statement is written in the traditional way - indicating the name and position of the manager and similar information about the employee. In the body of the application, write a request for unpaid leave for the number of calendar days you need. Indicate the planned dates of the administrative, and as the reason, indicate "family circumstances".

Step 3

If the manager refused you, try asking for another type of unpaid leave - additional. As a rule, it is stipulated by the collective agreement. An employee raising a disabled child or a single parent with a child under the age of 14 is entitled to two unpaid rest weeks. If you have two or more children under the age of 14, you can also take advantage of additional unpaid leave. You can walk it at any time convenient for you, both at once or in parts. Addition of additional leave to the main one is allowed.

Step 4

If you are requesting additional unpaid leave, you will have to attach documents confirming your eligibility to the application. The cap of this statement will be standard. And in the body of the application, after indicating the start and end dates of the vacation, instead of the reason, indicate the category to which you belong, for example, "mother of a disabled child."

Step 5

Sign and date the application and take it to your supervisor.

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