How To Apply For Part-time Employment

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How To Apply For Part-time Employment
How To Apply For Part-time Employment

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When employment is done "in a white way" there is always a contractual relationship between the employer and the employee. And these relations are formalized between the two interested parties - a part-time contract is drawn up.

Getting a job. What is worth knowing about?
Getting a job. What is worth knowing about?

If you are an employee

Don't confuse part-time work with a part-time job or a combination job. These are related concepts, because you can only get a part-time job for the same position that you already hold. And it doesn't matter if you combine within one organization, or get a part-time job in another.

Part-time work (aka part-time work) is the production of fewer hours per week than the Labor Code suggests for a full-time job. For example, an employer wants to hire a part-time employee. This means that instead of eight hours a day, the employee will be busy for 4 hours, and the salary will be paid according to the time worked. The same goes for a quarter rate or work on demand. For example, if you are on maternity leave, you are not officially working (but only employed). When, having sent your child to a nursery, you go to your office and work there for several hours a day, this is already equivalent to going to work - but with part-time employment. In this case, you do not need to provide any documents (after all, your personnel officer already has documents on education, work record book, TIN and other data). You can only sign an additional agreement to the employment contract or formalize the withdrawal from the decree, using the right to a shorter working day. In this case, your work schedule must be clearly spelled out in the documents of the company. After all, the accounting department will calculate salaries based on these data. If you are working extra hours, the part-time pay should be calculated based on the cost of an hour of your work.

If you are a student, retired or unemployed, you can also get a part-time job. In this case, you must provide the employer with a passport, SNILS, a military ID (this rule applies only to those liable for military service), and if the employer requires, a work book and a diploma. In addition, if you want information about part-time employment to be reflected in your employment record, you have the right to require this from the employer.

You should start work only after you have drawn up an employment contract, otherwise there is a risk of being left without a salary or facing non-observance of your rights.

If you are an employer or personnel officer

You can hire anyone part-time: a retired person, a full-time worker in another organization, or even a minor (whereas a person under the age of 18 cannot be employed part-time). To register a part-time employee, you need: an application for employment, a passport, SNILS and a military ID. You can also demand from him a work book or educational documents.

You need to conclude an agreement with the employee, which will spell out the type of employment (in this case, incomplete).

If you hire an employee on a part-time basis, then according to article 93 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, you are obliged to provide him with annual or maternity leave on a general basis. The same applies to the calculation of seniority, payment of wages and bonuses, the provision of guarantees, compensation and the observance of other labor rights.

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