How To Certify A Copy Of An Employment Contract

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How To Certify A Copy Of An Employment Contract
How To Certify A Copy Of An Employment Contract

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An employment contract is a document concluded between an employer and an employee that establishes certain obligations and reflects the rights of both parties. A copy of any type of contract, regardless of its validity period, can be certified. It is necessary to be guided by a set of certain rules that make it possible to do this legally competently.

How to certify a copy of an employment contract
How to certify a copy of an employment contract

It is necessary

  • - employment contract (original and copy);
  • - copier;
  • - awl, thread, needle;
  • - stapler;
  • - the seal of the organization.


Step 1

Read the contents of the original employment contract, a copy of which must be certified. Check the spelling of the surname, first name, patronymic of the employee with whom the contract is concluded, his passport data and address, pay attention to the presence of the director's signature and the seal of the organization, which should be a mandatory and integral part of the employment contract.

Step 2

Using a photocopier, make a copy of all pages of the document. It should be one-sided and clear. If the employment contract has several pages, arrange them in order.

Step 3

Take the awl by folding all the pages of the document together. On the left side of the copy of the contract, without touching the text, make two holes located at a short distance from each other. Sew through all the pages with thread. On the last page of the back of the contract, fasten the threads together, leaving a few centimeters of their ends free.

Step 4

Place a small square piece of white paper over the extended ends of the threads so that they are not completely hidden. The pages of the document bound in this way will eliminate the need to certify each sheet of the contract, indicating that the copy is correct.

Step 5

Write on the last page of a copy of the employment contract, starting in the middle of the piece of paper glued to the threads, the word "True." Below, indicate the number of sheets contained in the document, denoting them with numbers, and then in words, enclosing them in brackets. Next, write the position of the employee who certifies the document, sign and decrypt, indicating the surname and initials, and then the date, where the day, month and year indicate in numbers. It is not necessary to put a stamp, although it is customary in most organizations.

Step 6

On the last page of the employment contract, put a note that one copy of the original is with the organization that certified the copy of the document. In some cases, it is customary to indicate the reason for which the employment contract is certified.

Step 7

If the copy of the agreement has several pages, stapled together, then certify each of them separately by signing the bottom of each sheet with the word "True". At the end of the contract, under the signature of the parties, indicate the position, sign, its decoding, including the surname and initials, as well as the date.

Step 8

If you have any difficulties related to correctly certifying a copy of the employment contract, contact the HR, legal or accounting departments of the organization for detailed explanations.

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