How To Certify A Copy Of A Labor

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How To Certify A Copy Of A Labor
How To Certify A Copy Of A Labor

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Imagine a situation: you urgently need a loan. All the necessary information, documents have been prepared. For a copy of the work book, you turned to the personnel management service at the place of work. But the bank did not accept the copy issued by the personnel officer. found inaccuracies in the design. In order to avoid this, you need to know a few basic rules for certifying a work book.

How to certify a copy of a labor
How to certify a copy of a labor


Step 1

In the event that you are temporarily not working, the work book is with you, a copy of it can be certified by a notary. He, as a specialist, does not need advice. If you work, the work book is kept at the place of work and is not subject to issuance to the employee (even upon his written application). You can only get a copy of it, which is certified and issued by the HR department of the employing organization. After receiving an application with a request to issue a certified copy, it must be prepared within a period of no more than 3 days. You can make a copy either manually (rewrite or reprint) or by photocopying (which is preferable). There are two ways to certify a made copy:

1. On each page of the copy, an entry is made as follows:

• true (or the copy is correct);

• the position of the employee responsible for maintaining, storing and issuing work books (for example, a specialist in personnel management);

• personal signature of the certifying person;

• full name;

• date of certification.

This entry must be stamped with the company or personnel department. 2. All sheets of the copy can be stapled, numbered, the fastened sheets can be certified with the seal of the company (a certain number of sheets are laced and numbered) and a record of the above content.

Step 2

Separately, it should be noted that additional requirements are imposed on the copy of the work book, which you will carry to the bank to receive a loan. So, you need to assure it exactly according to the first option (each page). Here's an example.

Step 3

On the last page of the copy, after the final record, the next serial number is put, the columns are filled in:

• "date" - the date of certification is written;

• "information about the admission, transfer, dismissal" - a record is made "continues to work to the present."

Then the title, signature and transcript of the signature, as indicated above (example of the final entry).

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