How To Certify A Work Book

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How To Certify A Work Book
How To Certify A Work Book

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Anyone may need a certified copy of a work book at one point: for example, to obtain a passport or a bank loan. How to properly certify a work book and who should do it?

How to certify a work book
How to certify a work book


Step 1

The original work should always be kept by the employer - and the employee of the personnel department has no right to hand over the book “on hand (even for 15 minutes, to run to the copier). Therefore, if you work, then a copy must be made and certified by a personnel officer (according to the law, this is done within three days, upon written application). If you are currently not working anywhere, then in order to certify a copy of your work record book, you need to contact a notary.

Step 2

A certified copy of the labor document can be made either with a photocopier or printed out on a computer or typewriter. But in any case, it must contain all the information that is in the original (including the date of issue, number, etc.). Therefore, copies are made from all pages.

Step 3

How to certify a copy? In one of two ways. Or on each page of the copy there is a signature, a mark of certification (an inscription or a stamp “the copy is correct) and the seal of the organization. On the last page, in addition, a note is made “works to the present, after which the position and decryption of the signature of the person who issued the copy are indicated.

Step 4

Instead of certifying each page separately, you can also certify a work record book “in bulk. In such cases, all sheets are numbered, stitched, and on the last page an entry is made “Stitched, numbered, N pages. After that, a mark is put on the certification of the copy and the seal imprint.

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