How To Protect Your Idea

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How To Protect Your Idea
How To Protect Your Idea

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Idea is a subject of intellectual property protected by copyright law. But due to some peculiarities of intangible products of creativity, it sometimes becomes very difficult to prove the belonging of an idea. If you are afraid for your not yet formed thought, fix the fact of its creation in any way.

How to protect your idea
How to protect your idea


Step 1

Don't start talking about an idea before getting it on paper. This is especially true of people from whom you expect financial support in the implementation of the project. The catch can come from the most unexpected side.

Step 2

Publishing an idea on a blog does not guarantee its safety at all, with a few exceptions. For poetic ideas, publication with the condition of protection is such sites as "" and "The world of your creativity", where the author, before publication, each time confirms his consent to the terms of use. One of these conditions is to publish only those materials to which you have exclusive rights. When publishing on these resources, a date is put. By it, you can determine the period by which you already had the idea. In addition, there are cases when the administration of the site "" acted in the courts on the side of the authors. Ideas of a different plan may be protected when published on thematic sites, but first, be sure to read the terms of use.

Step 3

Protect rights in the copyright society. Branches of the company are located in almost all major cities of Russia. Find the closest one by location and visit. Have with you an identity document and a formalized idea on any medium (paper, disk, flash drive) and in any format (poetry, script, plot, sketch, project) in two copies.

Step 4

Have the manuscript of the idea certified by a notary. In addition to the very fact of having an idea by a certain date, he will also mark the date. In court, you can use his testimony as proof of your case.

Step 5

Print out a text description of the idea on paper and mail it to yourself. Once received, do not print the envelope until a legal action occurs. There is a date stamp on the envelope. By coming to the meeting with a sealed message and a date set, you can easily prove that from the moment of submission until the last day, the content was inviolable, which means that the ownership remains with you.

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