How To Understand Who You Want To Work

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How To Understand Who You Want To Work
How To Understand Who You Want To Work

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Choosing your path in life is an important and responsible business. No poet wants to end his days in a light bulb factory, no engineer will be happy in kindergarten with difficult kids. But how to understand who do you want to work with, what profession to connect your life with?

How to understand who you want to work
How to understand who you want to work


Step 1

For a start, you can remember who you wanted to be in childhood. An astronaut, a minibus driver (yes, it happens), a dentist, a businessman - for sure, somewhere in childhood your secret dreams live. Yes, as a child, you still did not know anything about life and had little idea about the professions you dreamed of. But who knows, maybe this is where your unrealized talents are buried. Remember who you loved to play as a child, who you loved to pretend to be. Yes, even an "intelligence agent" and "Arctic explorer" may turn out to be a childhood dream, realized in the present.

Step 2

If the train has not left yet, if you are young and energetic, if you are still in school or in your first years of university, try yourself in different areas. Time for this can always be found. While you are young, you can learn the ins and outs of the life of restaurants, disguised as a waiter, or large stores, enrolling in sales consultants. You can earn extra money as a guide, a museum employee, you can, if you wish, find a place in a hospital, clinic. Of course, you won't be paid much, but the experience gained is invaluable. Subsequently, it will be much easier for you to decide whether you want to work here or there.

Step 3

The next step, which will allow you to understand whether you are on the right path, is an internship at a university. By that time, you will have already received certain knowledge and a certain idea of ​​the profession that you will receive after graduating from the university. On the other hand, if you suddenly realize that this is not for you, that for some reason you are studying to be a history teacher, when you want to build nuclear submarines, you still have time to turn the other way.

Step 4

If you are already an adult, an accomplished person, and the business you are doing does not bring either money or pleasure, you still have the opportunity to try yourself in another area. There are many recruiting agencies that can send you to work abroad. There you can get acquainted with other activities that you may have never been involved in. After that, you will choose a new job - or you will learn to appreciate and love more the specialty that you once spent your best years on learning and in which you are working now.

Step 5

When choosing a business to your liking, listen to the voice of your heart. The voice of your heart will tell you exactly what you want to do and what you generally expect from work. If you need a job that will bring pleasure and no matter how much money is paid for it, then look for just such a job. If the main thing for you is wages and the possibility of career growth and this, and not a matter in itself, will bring you pleasure, then look for a "gold mine". Just don't get the gold rush!

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