How To Congratulate A Company On Its Anniversary

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How To Congratulate A Company On Its Anniversary
How To Congratulate A Company On Its Anniversary

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The company, respecting itself and others, maintains friendly relations not only with its partners, but also with intermediary enterprises and competing companies. It is considered good form in relations between organizations to exchange congratulations on significant dates and generally recognized holidays. One of the most significant among the many holidays for each company is its own company anniversary.

How to congratulate a company on its anniversary
How to congratulate a company on its anniversary

It is necessary

  • memorable address
  • postcard
  • Fax
  • e-mail
  • present
  • cash
  • flowers


Step 1

Remember, like any hero of the day, the company hopes to receive congratulations on this day from partner firms and other institutions. How the congratulations will be presented: jokingly, officially or formally, depends on how close the companies are to each other and to what events in honor of this day a third-party organization is invited.

Step 2

The first and main one to receive the jubilee praises is the director of the firm. Call the secretary in the morning or directly to the director, say warm words, cheer up with an appropriate quatrain. Make your morning greetings to the director of the company more original. In the morning, send the festive courier to the reception of the office of the celebrating company with a flower basket or a beautifully wrapped gift (one will not interfere with the other). Territorial remoteness in the age of electronics is not a hindrance. Fax a thoughtful greeting, prepared from the heart, or a colored postcard attached to an email.

Step 3

On the eve of the holiday, issue a memorable address for the entire team of anniversaries, in the person of the head, on behalf of the employees of the congratulating company on behalf of the person in the leadership position. Usually, on the paperback, the letters and numbers of the anniversary date are written in gold embossing. In the insert on the spread, on the right, briefly describe the direction and achievements of the company, add congratulatory words and wishes. On the left, decorate the sheet with a beautiful background or picture that suits the business.

Step 4

Orient your congratulations on the anniversary at the presentation of the company towards strengthening partnerships. Give a short but meaningful congratulatory speech, emphasizing all the merits and positive aspects of the celebrating company. After finishing your speech, hand over a memorable address and a bouquet. In addition, it is not forbidden to give a stylish gift.

Step 5

The old trusting alliance between organizations allows for a wider scope of congratulations and gifts. Order funny clowns who will meet and congratulate the staff near the doors of the office or enterprise. As a guest attending a corporate anniversary celebration, present an expensive, worthwhile gift to an ally firm. If there are several invited representatives, take the trouble to prepare a comic number in advance or speak spontaneously. For lack of talent, for congratulations, invite artists from the outside. The evening fireworks, ordered by your company in honor of the anniversaries, will make a splash and become a worthy conclusion to the long-awaited anniversary day for all employees. Congratulations, presented with heart and sincerity, will be accepted with great gratitude.

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