How To Write A Job Certificate

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How To Write A Job Certificate
How To Write A Job Certificate

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A certificate from the place of work may be required for many purposes - obtaining a loan, a tourist visa, at the traffic police, etc. And, although it consists of only a few lines, nevertheless, it must be written in accordance with the established form and rules. How to write a certificate from work correctly?

How to write a job certificate
How to write a job certificate


Step 1

A certificate from the place of work must be provided on a standard A4 sheet. It is written on the company's letterhead, and if it is absent, then a quadrangular stamp of the organization is put in the upper left corner of the sheet, which indicates its full name, legal address, phone number and bank details.

Step 2

Put down the date of preparation of the certificate from the place of work in the first line of the document, in the upper left corner.

Step 3

After a double indent in the middle of the line, write the title - the word "REFERENCE".

Step 4

Start the certificate of work with the word "Dana", indicate the last name, first name and patronymic of the employee who requested it. What is the full name of the organization in which he or she works and the date of commencement of employment in this enterprise, indicating that the employee is still working there.

Step 5

Indicate in what position the employee works and how much his average monthly salary is.

Step 6

Write down why a certificate of employment is provided, to which third-party organization and for what purposes. If a certificate is needed to apply for a tourist visa, then many embassies require that it be reflected in the certificate that the workplace for the duration of the tourist trip will be retained for this employee and that he is granted a paid vacation for this time.

Step 7

Put the positions and surnames of the persons authorized to sign such certificates, usually the director of the enterprise and his chief accountant, sometimes together with them, the signature of the head of the personnel department is put on the certificate from the place of work. Confirm the signatures with the seal of the organization.

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